Hastie’s History

Hastie’s Capitol Sand & Gravel is celebrating its 80th year in business. It has been the long standing dedication to provide great service and products to our customers that has kept us going strong throughout the years.

The company was founded in 1941 by William R. Hastie, Sr. who had managed Young’s trucking in the Bay area prior to moving to Sacramento. It was not long after he founded Hastie’s before Bill began to put in his share of work in the Sacramento community. One of the earliest jobs was helping build the runways at Mather Air Force Base. This took place during the war time so it was done in three shifts. Hastie’s also had a part in the clean-up after the damaging Yuba city floods in the mid ’50s.

The original location on Folsom Boulevard was a fairly large operation even in its early stages. William had 28 small trucks servicing the Sacramento area in those days. In the early 60s, Bill passed away, leaving his wife, Nancy Hastie, in charge. She ran the company for many years and during this time, her daughters, Cathy, Lisa, and her son William R. Hastie, Jr. worked for the company. In 1972 William Jr. became the new Hastie’s owner.

In 1974 the business relocated to its present location at 9350 Jackson Road. William Jr. began making many innovative changes in the business. He had large concrete bunkers constructed to enable the business to stockpile a large variety of products. He studied the eastern trucking industry and brought the first tri-axle dump trucks to the Sacramento area. These were aptly named “Hastie’s Superdump” being that they could carry larger amounts of material.

He began blending and processing his own composts and planting mixes. William made additions to his already large fleet. He added transfers and trucks that could haul bark, which he sent to Oregon to pick up bark products. You can still catch Hastie’s impressive fleet of shiny green and red trucks in the streets of Sacramento and neighboring cities.

The company has expanded the operation to four locations.  You can find Hastie’s yards in Sacramento, West Sacramento, Roseville and Olivehurst.  Hastie’s Capitol Sand & Gravel is one of the leading providers of construction and landscaping materials. Hastie’s is still family owned and operated keeping customer satisfaction and quality of product at the top of the list. Our customers have been with us for many years and we hope that we can continue in partnership with the Sacramento community for many years to come.